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How to develop awareness

in daily life

In August we will have many activities to share in Tashigar Norte: Talks,

Meditation, Yantra Yoga, Hata Yoga for children, Vajra Dance, Khaita,

Tai Chi and recreational activities. We have the participation of national

and international certified instructors, who will provide theoretical and

practical tools to live the daily life more present and aware.

Following the titles of the talks and courses:

  • • The Four Noble Truths: A perspective of the Dzogchen (Elias Capriles)

  • • How to transform suffering into happiness (Elías Capriles)

  • • A Buddhist vision of life and death (Elías Capriles)

  • • Yantra Yoga for beginners (Marisa Alonso, to be confirmed)

  • • Harmonious breathing (Marisa Alonso, to be confirmed)

  • • The Dance of the Vajra: the dance that benefits all beings (Carmen


  • • Study and practice of the Ganapuja (Igor Legati)

  • • Self-observation in everyday life (Igor Legati)

  • • Introduction to Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Raul Barattini)

Tashigar Norte offers lodging and food service at fair prices; the talks and

the courses are are organized under the criterion of generosity, following

the wish of Our Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, which means that each

contributes according to its possibilities and Thus allowing everyone access

to the Teachings.

For more information:

The basis of prosperity is generosity

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu