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The “Pleasure Abode”

The first Dzogchen activities in Costa Rica started in 2004 with the visit of Jim Valby who gave a Santi Maha Sangha base level course with 40 people.
As local practitioners expressed their desire to have a ling in Costa Rica, on October 7, 2006 Rinpoche created a ling and gave it the name Dekyitling or “Pleasure Abode“.
During the past years we have organised base level Santi Maha Sangha courses with Elias Caprilas and Vajra Dance courses with Carmen Rivas. Steven Landsberg recently visited and gave course on the 7 lojong from the SMS Base.
In 2010 we organised for Gloriana Brenes a supervisión course with Adriana Dal Borgo, main Dance instructor. Gloria is now an authorised local resident first level dance instructor.
In October 2010 Rinpoche came for the first time and gave a five day teaching. This was a wonderful experience, mostly for those who had not yet been able to meet Rinpoche personally.
The Costa Rican ling is currently leasing a beautiful property for hosting their activities. In the future the gakhyil hopes to be able to purchase and develop their own land where they can host courses and practices.



We meet every week on Saturdays at 11.30 AM for a thun of Vara Dance and Yantra Yoga. We also meet for Ganapujas during the days marked in the Tibetan calendar.